Concealed Carrier Gets Made At Work, Offers Sobering Advice To Those Who Will Take It

We’ve all had the thought; what could happen if I get caught carrying a firearm at work? Some shrug it off as a non-issue because, well, their employers don’t care. Others take it more seriously and try to weigh the options.

And some don’t give it a whole lot of thought at all.

YouTuber The Suited Shootist shared a video in which he explains a very difficult time in his life, and it all began when he was found to be carrying a firearm while on the job.

The short story: He always carried at work, then his employer was bought by a bigger company. Policies changed. A co-worker said during a meeting that if anything went down, he’d just go to this employee because he could take care of business.

That comment led to HR asking him to come down to their office, all within 15 minutes. They had him lift up certain articles of clothing to check for a firearm and while doing so, had some other people searching everything in his desk area. That’s where they found his gun, concealed in a work bag.

The result was being escorted to his vehicle, and then fired 30 minutes later. The next year would prove very difficult for him, as it was a challenge to find a new job in his specialty.

It’s something he’d never do again. That is, carry a firearm at work if its not allowed.

Of course, varying opinions will be had on this topic, and I respect anyone’s decision after they’ve given the question at hand an honest look. Because in reality, not everyone will have an easy go of things if they’re fired from their job. Before you argue “It’s better than being dead”, remember that this is a personal decision that is made. There is no correct answer.

Here is the video, and it’s worth the watch:

That said, I do have some overall points to make:

First, off-body carry is a hard no for me. Furthermore, I’d never in a million years leave my firearm in a location that I wasn’t at if I’m carrying, such as at my desk in a work bag.

Second, I’d be cautious about who knows that I carry a firearm. The less people the better, but we all know this is close to impossible. You never know how this information will affect you down the road.

Lastly, I think that The Suited Shootist is being too hard on himself in his particular case. Sure it was a challenge that lasted a year or so, but he made certain decisions that saw certain outcomes, and he is now a stronger person in his newly-found convictions because of it.

As for me, I wouldn’t work for an employer who didn’t recognize my right to carry, but I don’t ride the same boat as The Suited Shootist does. It’s a “to each their own” world, and carrying is no different. Just know what you’re getting into when you make those decisions.

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