Eli Dicken’s Girlfriend, Shay Golden, Shares Details From Mall Shooting


Shay Golden is the girlfriend of Eli Dicken, the 22-year-old who took down a mass shooter at a mall in Indiana a few weeks ago. That move by the concealed carrier saved countless lives, and now we’re learning more about the incident and the role Shay played during the chaos.

She spoke with a reporter for the first time since the incident, still visibly shaken by what had occurred. She recounts seeing the gunman and everyone scattering quickly, tables and chairs flying, and her boyfriend springing into action to take the gunman down.

Additionally, Shay told the reporter that she used her jacket as a tourniquet on a woman nearby who had been shot in the leg. That woman survived her injuries, thanks in part to Shay’s quick thinking under incredible stress. Shay is a nursing student, and knew she had to act.

The full interview can be viewed below:

“I feel like we were meant to be there. I’ll never know why, none of us will ever know why, but we were meant to be there,” she said during the interview.

Shay, I’ll tell you exactly why yourself and Eli were meant to be there. You two are a power couple, and capable of amazing things as a team and individually. True hero’s, in simple terms.

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