VA Legislator Wants Professors To Be Able To Carry


RICHMOND, VIRGINIA — Right now, in Virginia, university Board of Visitors decide who can and cannot carry on campus.  According to ABC 8 News, there’s legislators looking to change all that!  But will it make it through the never-ending hoops and nonsense of the anti-gunner, anti-liberty lefties?

Let’s do a face-off!  Titan versus titan!  In the red corner, weighing in at approximately 2A pounds is VA delegate Bob Marshall.  He’s advocating for professors on Virginia university and college campuses to be allowed to carry by law.

“When we are facing greater threats from terrorists, why would you want to disarm more people?” Marshall asks.


Now, in the blue corner, foaming at the mouth and ready to throw a book at the competition, it’s Andy Goddard with Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws.

“Why would we think that a college professor is going to do a better job at security than a full time paid security guard at a college?” questioned Goddard.

Let’s fight!

Round 1: (ding, ding) Marshall leads with a strong argument about active terrorism being more prevalent.  Goddard counters with full-time security officers are better qualified to do the job.

Who wins?  Well, on one hand, full-time security officers that are licensed to carry have generally undergone some amount of training in addition to the basic concealed carry class every Virginian must go through to obtain his or her concealed carry permit.

On the other hand, avoiding a deft hook by the liberal left, Del. Marshall brings up the uncertain spectre of violence and horror recalled from prior attacks on college campuses and terrorist attacks abroad.  Could they happen in Virginia (again)?

Neither lands a decisive blow.  And the referees blow the whistle, sending both combatants back to their respective corners.

Round 2: (ding, ding) Goddard’s son is a survivor of the Virginia Tech shootings, making Goddard’s opinion instantly more credible because he personally knows someone affected by gun violence.

Oh, and that’s a left hook landed in the emotional core of the upper torso, Cotton.  Who can argue with a man grieving the injury of his own son?

However, as Marshall points out, “parents of 36 students trusted [campus security], now where are their children with all the trust they placed in you?”

Bam!  Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws take a staggering hit to the solar plexus.  Because if the individual isn’t allowed to arm and defend himself, he’s basically a sitting duck for whatever bad guy wants to show up first!

Both fighters retire to the corner.  We have one more good round to go.

Round 3:  The Anti-Gunner Stunner™ leads out with a great blow to the anecdotes.  There was a professor in Idaho who shot his own foot while teaching a lecture.  Professors can’t be trusted with guns!  What will Marshall do to counter that staggering hit?

“One shot in the foot is a lot less damaging than 14 dead people,” Marshall said before landing a solid right hook on the chin.

Ding, ding, ding!  We have a KO, folks.

Professors should be able to carry concealed.  Students should be able to carry concealed.  Anyone legally eligible and allowed to carry a gun should be able to carry concealed on campus.  Because more guns on campus equals less opportunity for bad guys.

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