6 Teens Shot In Aurora Drive-By Shooting, Multiple Suspects At Large

AURORA, COLORADO — A group of teenagers at a park were shot during what police are calling a drive-by shooting incident. Multiple suspects are being sought, and some may have been on foot. At the scene, police recovered multiple shell casings consisting of different calibers.

The shooting occurred at Nome Park, near Aurora Central High School in the Denver suburb of Aurora, and injured five teens who ranged from 14 to 17 years of age. Another teen, 18, later went to a hospital with minor injuries, Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson told reporters.

All the victims had non-life threatening injuries but one child was in emergency surgery. School resource officers responded to the scene and applied a tourniquet on the teen in surgery, Wilson said.

via foxnews.com

Police are unsure whether or not the gunmen were also teens from the same school as the victims. They also noted that they are not ruling anything out, including gang violence.

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