Armed Robber And Homeowner Both Die Trading Shots – There Are No Guarantees In A Gunfight


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — Unified police have confirmed that felon Jessie Bruner, 34, arrived on the doorstep of Russel Jacobs, 47, with a loaded sawed-off shotgun. As KUTV reports, Jacobs answered the door with a handgun.  While details are still emerging about the precise sequence of events, it appears the situation erupted into gunfire, with both exchanging fire at close range with one another.  The gun battle trailed out into the street where both Jacobs and Bruner were found dead at the scene.

KUTV says four children were in Jacobs’ household.  No one else was harmed in the ensuing gunfight.

And there you go, folks.  There are no guarantees in a gunfight.

Don’t open the door for strangers.  And definitely don’t open the door if you don’t like the cut of the other man’s jib.  When in doubt, let authorities handle it.  Sawed-off shotgun versus pistol at close range means you’re in for a long, bloody mess of a fight.

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