Woman Shoots Friend In Home Invasion — Right Idea, Wrong Application


ECTOR COUNTY, TEXAS — What turned out to be an unfortunate attempt to defend their home from intruders, one woman accidentally shot her roommate while attempting to shoot two armed, masked men who forcibly entered their home.

By the time Ector County deputies arrived, the roommate was transported to a nearby hospital for injuries to her neck, chest, and arms.  Those injuries, according to OA Online, were caused by a shotgun blast originating from her very own roommate.

The woman in question had the right idea.  The two armed men whom were described as having “long guns” and masks entered the home of three women.  The first two were caught off guard in the living room but the third, upon hearing the intruders, ran out with her shotgun.  When they turned their guns on her, she allegedly fired – missing both of them and hitting her roommate.

No word on what the intruders did then but apparently they left before deputies arrived.  Ector County Sheriff’s department confirmed that no charges would be filed against the woman and law enforcement is still seeking details on the two armed intruders.

Still, always make sure of what’s beyond your target.

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