Slippery Soap Gun: 1 Handgun Changes Hands Twice in One Fight


ATLANTA, GA — A Georgia man is lucky to be alive after an encounter with two muggers that left the firearm he was carrying change hands not once, but twice.

The guy couldn’t hold on to his gun — but neither could his assailant.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

According to police, the man called 911 around 2:10 a.m. to report he was walking to his vehicle in the area of 150 Pine Street when two men attacked him. The victim drew his gun to defend himself, but he dropped it, and one of the assailants picked it up, he told officials.

“The handgun was then recovered by one of the suspects, who fired a round at the victim, striking him in the hand,” Atlanta police spokesman Officer Jarius Daugherty said.

Somehow, the shooter dropped the gun, and the victim regained control of it, according to police.

“The victim then fired upon the suspects and the suspects fled the location,” Daugherty said.

The victim called police from the area of Peachtree and Baker streets after getting into his car and driving away. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in stable condition. He has not been named. Police said they are looking into the incident further.

It really should just be a given that if you’re going to carry a gun, holding is part of the whole carrying “deal.”

Granted, it’s hard to be totally in control of everything when you’re trying to just not panic, but this kind of error can prove deadly. Not only can you get yourself killed in a fight, but other people can be hurt by that firearm, too.

Invest a little bit of time, and a little bit of money. Training with your handgun is never poorly-spent capital.

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