[VIDEO] Concealed Carry & The Super Hero Syndrome

In the video above, the discussion of Super Hero Syndrome comes up and the man in the video makes note of the recent event where a female permit holder decided that it’d be a great idea to open fire on a fleeing shoplifting suspect in a Home Depot parking lot. End result of that? She was arrested, and with good reason.

But was that Super Hero Syndrome or just downright stupidity? Probably a bit of both.

That’s not the reason I wanted to share this video, though. The man in the video makes an excellent statement towards the end that concealed carriers need to listen to and remember, and it is as follows:

I’ll leave you with this. Simple rule of thumb to think about when imagining your various scenarios: Simply imagine yourself explaining your use of force in front of a jury…

Using the above example of the trigger happy shopper, she is going to have a hard time convincing a jury that her life –or another life– was in danger at that moment.

Will she do time? Who knows. Should she have her concealed carry permit revoked? Absolutely. Not everyone is fit to carry.

So next time you’re going through the motions of a scenario in your head, take a look at the end result and ask the question: What would a jury likely do with this information?

Truth is though, most of us have a good head on our shoulders and know a good shoot from a bad one.

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