Woman Brutally Attacked In New York Subway With No Help In Sight

QUEENS, NEW YORK — A homeless man attacked an innocent woman as she rode the subway to work.

A homeless man and the victim were riding in the same subway car when the homeless man made unwanted advances on the woman. The woman ignored him, and when she exited the car he followed her and began to chase her through the subway station.

The woman attempted to retreat from the situation but was unable to escape the man. The man overtakes her and starts punching and kicking the woman. It is seen in video that there were two men who entered the area. One ran away as the homeless man chased the woman down. The second man appeared to try and help at first but when the homeless man appears to turn and challenge him, the second man runs away.

After the second man runs away, the homeless man proceeds to kick the woman in the head. This potentially could have been the part of the attack that caused the woman to lose her vision. Police officers were not around to help and save the woman from this violent assault.

This is one of the many reason we should carry, to protect ourselves, our families and potentially others in dangerous situations. If the woman had been armed she may have been able to stop the attack which was no fault of her own. If either of the two men that had been there, especially the second man who attempted to help had been armed, they could have either stopped the threat by holding the suspect at gun point or shooting him in defense of the woman and himself. Always be prepared to defend yourself and have means to do so as there is always someone bigger and stronger than you.

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