Robbery Victim Shoots Back! Two Armed Robbers Get Killed By Business Owner … IN CALIFORNIA!

MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA — Police report that a local business owner was attacked in the early hours of the morning by two masked robbers.  According to CBS – Los Angeles, both robbers were armed and one of them opened fire on the business owner – shooting him in the stomach.  The business owner then returned fire, fatally shooting one robber and severely injuring another.

Police are initially ruling the shooting as self-defense.

via CBS – Los Angeles

“Officers arrived and determined that the victim of a street robbery was actually able to defend himself and there was a subsequent shooting. The victim was approached by two suspects on foot and both those suspects were armed. The victim was as well armed and he was able to defend himself,” Lt. [Andy] Vuncanon said.

The victim’s injuries were classified as non-life threatening and he was transported to the hospital for medical care.  By the time police tracked down both robbers, one had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and the other suffered a single one but had succumbed to it.

It’s clear to see that being armed and able to protect yourself worked out extremely well for this business owner.  Hopefully the other crooks catch on, and hopefully California takes note that guns save lives!

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