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CT Concealed Carrier Fires At Driver After Attempt To Run Him Over

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — A concealed carry permit holder found himself against a deadly threat via a method that we don’t typically see; vehicle assault.

The man was outside a bar when a car approached him and addressed. The man says that the driver then made a u-turn and went directly for the man, at which time he drew his firearm and shot at the driver.

A police officer nearby pulled the vehicle over, but it wasn’t until a few hours later that they found out what had actually happened.

Two hours later, a 25-year-old Hamden man told police that he fired at the vehicle after it had allegedly sped at him.

Police say that the concealed carry permit holder does not seem to be the instigator and will likely not be facing any charges.

It’s a rare thing to find yourself being chased down by a vehicle, but it does happen. This guy was prepared and did what he thought was right in his attempt to avoid being run over and injured or killed.

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