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Homeowner Shoots Man Who He Says Attacked Him In His Driveway

VANDERBURG, INDIANA — In Vanderburgh County, near Evansville, a homeowner shot a man from Vincennes in what was reported as a self-defense incident on Monday. The homeowner alerted the police through a 911 call, claiming he had shot a trespasser outside his residence. Upon arrival, the police discovered the wounded individual with a gunshot injury to the leg. The identity of the injured man was not disclosed, but his origin from Vincennes was noted.

The homeowner, who immediately handed over his firearm to the arriving deputy, proceeded to the sheriff’s office to deliver a voluntary statement. He described the situation as an attack by the Vincennes man at his driveway’s end, leading him to shoot in self-defense.

The injured Vincennes man was hospitalized but has not been cooperative with police, declining to provide any statement. It remains unclear whether he will face charges. Notably, this incident was not the police’s first interaction with him that day. They had previously responded to a welfare check involving him, during which he also refused to communicate.

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