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Concealed Carrying Bar Employee Stops Man Who Started Firing Shotgun Inside Bar

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO — A man was killed at a bar by an employee who had a valid concealed carry permit, and likely saved numerous lives.

The incident happened around 2am Sunday morning at La Raza bar. A customer was kicked out of the bar, but then came back shortly after with a shotgun and fired two rounds inside the bar. That’s when one of the bar employees, armed with a concealed handgun, fired at the man.

The man died after being hit by the bar employee.

Another man was injured, who police say was trying to ‘defuse’ the situation.

One comment on the referenced article stood out, placing blame on the bar for getting the man drunk in the first place:

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From where I’m sitting, no one forced this man to come back to the bar with a shotgun. His being drunk or not is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If a person shows up anywhere with a shotgun and starts firing, they should expect to be met with any and all resistance that is in place in the area. Including a legally armed employee.

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