Irresponsible Gun Owner Arrested After Road Rage Incident Outside Police Headquarters

LONGMONT, COLORADO — 60-year-old Michael Paul Jaqua, a concealed carrier and security guard in Longmont, Colorado, pointed a gun at another driver in a road rage incident that occurred right outside the front of the Longmont Police headquarters building at about 10am on Thursday August 4th, 2022. He was promptly arrested.

According to authorities, a call was made to dispatch from a man who said a driver was pointing a handgun at him in a road rage incident.

Officers responded to a scene that took place in front of their police headquarters building and arrested Jaqua, who was in the process of drawing down on the 911 caller.

Upon being confronted by the officers, Jaqua dropped his gun immediately and was taken into custody.

While being interviewed, Jacqua told police that he was driving home from work after a 12-hour shift along HWY 287 North, when another car started tailgating him. He said that he had attempted to brake-check the other driver, who just swerved around and then in front of him and cut him off. Jaqua said he then became extremely angry at the other driver’s disregard for safety and the unsafe behavior, and wanted to teach that driver a lesson. While being cut off he rolled down his window and pointed a gun at the other driver.

He continued to follow the car for several miles until the car eventually stopped in front of the police station. He was not aware that the building where they stopped at was a police station, much less the department headquarters until officers came out.

In his arrest affidavit, Jaqua stated that he knew what he did wasn’t right, but he really wanted to scare the victims, because to him, their driving behavior was not acceptable. He claimed he never had his finger on the trigger of the loaded weapon that he pointed at the victims.

What Jaqua was not aware of was that once he first flashed his gun on the highway, the victims immediately called police, who instructed them to drive to the station. Once they got there, Jaqua then exited his vehicle, confronted and pointed his weapon at the driver again, and was arrested.

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