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North Dakota Expands Places You Can Carry Concealed, One Democrat Has Some Things To Say That Make No Sense

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — Pro-gun legislation has flown through the house by a vote of 74-19 Thursday that expands the places that people can legally carry a concealed firearm.

The new legislation, which is expected to be signed by Governor Jack Dalrymple, would allow concealed carry in public parks, political functions and concerts, all of which are currently illegal. It also expands to the areas of liquor stores, public rest areas and restrooms.

Bill Amerman, D-Foreman, has been vocal in his opposition of the legislation, saying… well…

“If somebody wants to carry a concealed weapon to feel like John Wayne … because they see a bogeyman behind every tree, that’s fine,” said Bill Amerman, D-Foreman. “But I have a little trouble when it comes to the concerts and to the parks.”

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This is an odd statement for me to read, and makes me feel like I’m in grade school watching a fight between two classmates. There is really no need to add the ‘bogeyman’ comment, and let’s not forget that citizens of this Country use firearms over 2,000 times every day in self-defense situations.

Hang on. It gets better…

Amerman, who served as an infantryman in Vietnam, said a concealed-carry permit could be obtained by terrorists or someone who is suicidal and wants to kill others.

“There might be other people with concealed weapons there,” Amerman said. “But that’s not going to help, because the damage would be done.”

First, let me point out the good guy with a gun who successfully stopped an attempted mass shooting at a high school. So yes, good guys with guns do help. In fact, we report on it on nearly a daily basis.

Second, if someone is so bent on doing harm to others, they are not going to go through the process of obtaining a permit just so they can carry a firearm. Have we forgotten that criminals don’t follow the law?

I’m sure there are more points to be made here, but I’m done.


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