Video Shows Suspect Shoot Man Outside Miracle Mile Mall In Las Vegas, Crime Out Of Control In Sin City

Police are searching for a suspect in a shooting that happened a few nights ago outside Miracle Mile Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada. A witness captured the shooting on camera, and police believe that it stemmed from a drug transaction gone bad.

The man who was shot is expected to survive. Police are still searching for the suspect.

The point of this post: Watch body language and if you’re an innocent bystander, get out of there.

First, the guy in the white t-shirt had his hand in his bag, you know, kinda like he was ready to pull out a gun.

And guess what. That’s exactly what happened.

Any one of these witnesses could have easily been shot, just because they stuck around to see how the argument would transpire.

It’s in your best interest, always, to get away from any type of conflict that you’re not directly involved in, and if you are, only stick around if you have absolutely no other option.

Vegas has seen a string of violence over the last few weeks, including a suspect who fired at officers the night before.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for suspects in an attack on the 3400 block of Las Vegas Boulevard South on Saturday night. Police also are looking for a man who shot at officers early Monday near East Tropicana Avenue and South Pecos Road, according to Parra.

An assault down the strip near the Venetian, on the same night as the drug deal gone bad, landed a person in the hospital after being attacked by a group of people.

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