Serial Criminal Shot By Hotel Manager After Bizarre Behavior, Physical Altercation

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FLORIDA — Recently, we’ve seen a number of articles involving late night altercations with clerks. Whether it be a clerk at a gas station, store, hotel or something else. These late night potions where one works alone are dangerous jobs. The night manager at this hotel, however, came to work prepared.

According to Escambia County Sheriff’s Office (ESCSO), a hotel clerk got into a physical altercation with a person who was accused of “disturbing rooms” at the hotel around 4:20 Sunday morning.

That’s when the clerk allegedly shot the victim.

A hotel manager tells Channel 3 News, the victim was not a guest at the hotel. He says the man was acting very bizarre and the night manager asked the man to leave. When the man returned, the two got into a physical altercation. The sheriff’s office says the clerk then shot the victim.

The shooting victim was then taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound. The sheriff’s office says his injuries are not life-threatening.


The thug who was shot has been identified as Stephen Ballard. Mr. Ballard, it seems, has been busy racking up crimes of late. Ballard has been arrested 10 times since 2010. His charges include fraud, battery, and trespassing. It’s incredible that this was the first time he was shot.

The police have determined that this shooting falls under “Stand Your Ground Law.” They will not be charging the night manager with any crime related to the shooting. Honestly, they should probably give this guy a reward.

Guests at the hotel should feel more comfortable knowing they have an armed night manager watching over things. In addition to the night manager, we do hope other night staff also consider carrying. As we have seen, those late night and early morning hours bring out the crazies. It’s good to be prepared and protected for any situation.

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