Sunglass Hut Doesn’t Want Your Pro-Gun Business *CABELA’S UPDATE*


UPDATE: Since posting this article, we received many comments letting us know that Sunglass Hut was in many Cabela’s stores. Heading to anti-gun Google, we quickly found that to be true.

As we know, Cabela’s is a big seller of firearms and ammunition. Are they knowingly in business with an anti-gun company that they let set up shop inside their locations?

I came across an article from 2018 that talks about the then-kicking-off partnership:

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s together with Luxottica Group today announced plans to roll out Sunglass Hut retail concepts in approximately 160 locations across the U.S. The agreement brings North America’s premier outdoor and conservation company together with one of the world’s leading retail destinations for premium eyewear to provide even more selection, expertise and value to millions of outdoor enthusiasts.


If we dig a little deeper, it’s unclear if the stores in the US are corporate or franchise. I’m leaning towards corporate.

As of December 31, 2018, Sunglass Hut operated a retail network of 3,429 stores worldwide, ncluding 3,250 corporate stores and 179 franchised locations mainly in the Middle East, Latin America and India. In North America alone, the Company operated 1,812 Sunglass Hut core stores (including 170 Bass Pro and Cabela’s).


The gun industry is a tough world, and even tougher when we bring in businesses who are looking for cash but hate what we stand for. Is that what’s going on?


While shopping today at the Ellenton Premium Outlets in Florida, the lady and I made a stop at one of the Sunglass Hut stores (they have 3 in the outlet… for some reason). It wasn’t until I walked out that I noticed the sign at the bottom corner of the store window: No Firearms.

I get insulted when I see these notices. Is it truly directed at me, or is it really directed at a criminal who is carrying a gun that they shouldn’t have as they’re about to rob the place? I’d say the latter, but how does that actually help things?

You (as in literally you, reading this article) and I both know that the only people who will pay no attention to this sign are the bad guys. Wait.. Actually, in this case, the good guys probably won’t think twice either. In Florida, a ‘No Firearms’ sign doesn’t hold the weight of the law. They can put it there, but you don’t legally need to abide.

Now, if for some reason they knew you were carrying and asked you to leave, and you didn’t, you could face a trespassing charge.

These ‘No Firearms’ signs are silly to me, because if you’re carrying legally, you’re not going to walk into a store and use your firearm for anything. Except of course, self-defense, if the need arose.

Who do these signs make feel good? Safe? Protected? I’m not sure.

P.S. I will never live in a state that makes it illegal to go into an establishment, while carrying a firearm, when they have a ‘No Firearms’ sign. Period.

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