Concealed Carry Laws May Be Changing In Hawaii; Solicitor General Warns Of Wild West Shootouts


Because of recent rulings in California that could change the landscape of concealed carry, Hawaii residents may be venturing down the same path.

The California case challenges the current ‘may-issue’ status of the state, which a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel of three judges last month deemed unconstitutional.

In Hawaii, it is very difficult to obtain a permit to carry a firearm. It is one of those states where you need to provide a reason as to why you should be allowed to carry, and a reason of self-defense doesn’t cut it. However, that could change if things are taken all the way to the Supreme Court.

I mean, I guess they do have Dog the Bounty Hunter, so what’s there really to be afraid of?

The Solicitor General of Hawaii, Girard Lau (pictured above), doesn’t agree that citizens should be able to carry firearms in public, citing his apparent belief that us gun owners have really bad tempers.

“We think that to have anyone be able to carry publicly presents a real danger to public safety, because basic confrontations in public would turn deadly,” said Lau.

Because, you know, legal firearm owners start deadly confrontations all the time. I think Lau has us confused with thugs and their illegal firearms. There’s a big difference, bud.

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