San Fransisco Now Activating National Guard To Try To Curb Rampant Drug Problem

SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA — Governor Gavin Newsom has initiated a major crackdown on San Francisco’s open-air drug market, involving the California Highway Patrol (CHP), California National Guard, San Francisco Police Department, and the District Attorney’s Office, according to ABC 7.

The operation focuses on the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods, with CHP officers on the ground and the National Guard providing intelligence analysis.

Supervisor Dorsey and Gary McCoy from HealthRight 360 emphasize the importance of supporting those with substance use disorders as the drug market declines.

They are working with the city to establish safe consumption sites, similar to New York City’s nonprofit-operated sites, despite being illegal under federal law.

On Monday, there was no visible change in the Tenderloin, but some residents are hopeful this will be a turning point for San Francisco, according to ABC 7.

Tom Wolf, a recovering fentanyl addict, said the community is aware of the increased law enforcement presence and is “hunkering down” in anticipation. Wolf stressed the need for a sustained approach, with the CHP remaining for at least six months.

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