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Thank God For Illinois Carry: Armed Robber Shot In Parking Lot By Intended Victim

CHICAGO, IL — In another powerful testament to the blessings of concealed carry in Chicago, a responsibly-armed citizen shot and killed a would-be robber in the parking lot of a Target store.

Look at that — for all of Target’s requesting their customers to not be armed, turns out guns are still needed after all.

As WGN 9 reports:

According to preliminary reports, a man was shot while attempting to rob another person in the parking lot of the Target near 33rd St. and Damen in the McKinley Park neighborhood around 8 p.m. Thursday.

Police are still on the scene and questioning witnesses. According to early reports, the would-be robbery victim had a concealed carry permit, and fired shots during the robbery attempt. The robber was struck multiple times and transferred to Stroger Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police have also roped off a secondary scene nearby, but it’s unclear how it is connected.

One of the most important times to carry (and we say that often, but we really do mean it) is when you are running your everyday errands.

Now, I don’t say that because I think any of you don’t know that — it’s common sense.

I say that as a reminder — you need to take to time to put on your carry gear, even if it’s a half-hour run to Target.

It’s far more likely that you’ll fail to be armed at a critical moment because you couldn’t be bothered to carry your gun on a given day than it is because you were taken by surprise.

If you are having a hard time enacting the discipline of getting your gear on every time you get out of the house, allow me to suggest two things:

1. Change your rig so that it’s not a pain to put on and take off, or:

2. Gut it out and make it happen.

Take your pick, but be ready.

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