GLOCK Teases A New Model 43, Answering Customer Requests To Double Capacity

SMYRNA, GEORGIA — Answering the call from customers to somehow fit more rounds in their latest model, the GLOCK 43, they came up with a way to do just that.

This morning, GLOCK introduced their newest model, the GLOCK 43.2 which features two 9mm barrels and two 6-round magazines. Yea, it’s the first double barrel GLOCK.

We spoke with the senior product developer with GLOCK, and he walked us through the inspiration for the new model.

“When designing the 43, we knew we wanted a slim package that was easy to shoot and conceal, but realistically we can only fit just so many rounds in a firearm of that size. With the new 43.2 model, we’re of course adding width to the firearm, but the operator now has the ability to carry 12+2 rounds at once,” he said. “Plus, it’s a double barrel GLOCK. Seriously, who wouldn’t want that?!”

Additional specs have yet to be released, but we imagine the dimensions (aside from width) will be similar to the original model 43.

This newest model, according to the teaser, will be available in the Fall of this year. If this were actually true, I’d be requesting one for testing asap. However if you’ll notice from Brandon’s less than perfect Photoshop job in the image, this is indeed an April Fools joke.

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