Over 500 Teachers Show Up For Free Concealed Carry Class In Colorado

The Centennial Gun Club, one of the largest gun clubs in the state of Colorado, held a free concealed carry class for teachers. The result: over 500 teachers eager to receive their concealed carry permits showed up for the class.

The club organized the class as a response to the “ongoing epidemic of school shootings and other illegal gun violence perpetrated in gun-free zones throughout the United States.”

Since the size of the class was so large, it was held in an airport hangar at Centennial airport. Over the course of 8 hours, the class went over proper firearm handling, safety, shooting fundamentals, holsters and more.

One of the attendees, Samantha Schuller, was a sophomore at Platte Canyon High School when her and other students were taken hostage by a gunman in 2006. Fast forward and Schuller is now a first-grade teacher looking to take the steps necessary to protecting herself and others.

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Even with these teachers going through the process to obtain their concealed carry permits, they are still not permitted by law to carry on school grounds as they are deemed gun free zones.

According to usacarry.com, Colorado has the following rule when it comes to firearms on school grounds:

Places Off Limits: Any property of public school grades kindergarten through 12, unless the firearm remains inside a container in a locked vehicle

It’s a real shame that only the bad guy can carry a firearm on school grounds. After all, they are the ones that don’t follow the laws, and they are certainly not the ones at a concealed carry course to legally obtain a permit. Get real.

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