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Guy At Police Station Catches On Fire After Being Hit With A Taser, Dies 6 Weeks Later

In the world of ‘what the heck did I just watch’, this is towards the top. The story has a sad end, because the man who caught fire did not survive. He was put on life support for 6 weeks, and then the call was made to end that support.

The man had entered a police department acting erratically and began to douse himself in hand sanitizer. At some point, when police were trying to get him to comply, an officer deployed a taser, which resulted in the flammable liquid becoming… well, flammable. It took some time for him to get all of the flames out, and he was later taken to the hospital.

One commenter on the video had an explanation as to what could have happened to cause the fatal incident;

It’s yet another incident where we see what officers are dealing with on a daily basis, and we see them using the best steps to defuse situations with the tools that they have. Unfortunately, this one didn’t end well.

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