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Off-Duty Officer Draws And Fires At Carjackers Who Forced Family Out Of Vehicle

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND — An off-duty Prince George’s County police officer was involved in a shooting incident following a carjacking. The event occurred Thursday evening at around 5 p.m. in a commercial office building parking lot at 6710 Oxon Hill Road.

Assistant Chief Vernon Hale III reported that the officer was placing family members into their car when two unidentified individuals attempted to forcibly take the vehicle. The officer discharged a firearm, leading the suspects to flee in the stolen vehicle. It remains unclear whether the gun used was his service or personal firearm.

Following standard procedures, the officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

As the case is actively investigated, authorities are calling for any information from the public. The incident reflects a rising trend in the area, with carjackings reaching 500 cases this year, marking an 18% increase from the previous year’s 425 incidents.

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