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[BELT REVIEW] KORE Essentials EDC Belts Have You Covered, And Looking Good

Gun belts are a big business, and as concealed carriers, we should be finding the best that the industry has to offer. A belt that is sturdy and made specifically for carrying a firearm are must-haves for an EDC (Every Day Carry) belt.

KORE Essentials has been in the game for some time, and I was first turned onto them a few years back. Honestly, I unintentionally came back to them after my father had a car accident. He was wearing a KORE Essentials belt that I had given him years ago, and he’s been using it almost daily. When he had a car accident a few months ago, the paramedics needed to remove his belt. They had a tough time cutting through it.

My first thought: I’m glad he’s ok. Second thought: He needs a new belt.

I reached out to KORE to see what they had, and to see if anything has changed with their product line-up. They have a slew of EDC belts on their website, both leather and tactical. I picked out a few, along with a few different buckles. There are mix-and-match opportunities with these belts, more on this later in the article.

All of the belts are the same in this regard: They’re adjustable in 1/4″ increments. It’s precision, really. When you order a belt, it comes in one length. It’s up to you to cut it to your desired length based on your pant size. This allows you to get a perfect fit and to also keep a little more, or a little less, than what you’d normally buy at the store.

For the belt styles, I picked out a few different ones, seen below.

Ranger Green Reinforced Tactical Belt
Brown Buffalo Leather
Top Grain Black Leather

There are many more to choose from, and you can view them here.

And buckles? Pff. There are just as many options.

The thing that’s great about these belts is the track. Every 1/4″, you’re going to hear a ‘click’ while tightening the belt. This allows for a truly comfortable and perfect fit, each and every time you use the belt. It’s extremely secure as well, and it’s not going any where or loosening up on you as you move about.

The buckle is also very secure, grabbing on with a row of teeth and two allen screws that you put into place after you cut the belt to the desired length (video on the steps further down the article).

Here are some more details from their website:


The heavy-duty ratcheting gun buckles (4.5 cm x 6 cm) are constructed of either high-grade, zinc alloy, with an electroplated gunmetal or black powder-coat finish, or solid stainless steel (all contain nickel). The buckle mechanism features our Kore designed and patented, spring-loaded system that’s durable, reliable and won’t stick.

All gun buckles enlist the use of 2 set screws (M4 x 7 mm length), and a row of teeth, to securely hold the belts into the buckles. This upgraded system is extremely secure. An Allen wrench is included (2 mm).  

Choose any of our X-series gun buckles (1.5″ wide) or beefier Garrison (1.75″ wide) styles. The only difference between buckle models is the style & width – the functionality is identical. 


Kore EDC gun belts feature a 10” virtually indestructible, hidden track with 40+ size positions to adjust with. Now you can precisely adjust your gun belt in small 1/4” increments for a perfect fit. It’s the ultimate concealed carry belt for work, play, the range, or even out on the town. 

All our gun belts (leather & tactical) feature our Proprietary Reinforced Power-Core™ center. This unique blend makes our belts sturdy and stiff enough to support your firearm and gear with out any sag, yet flexible enough to sit, walk, or move in all day. It’s the most secure, comfortable gun belt you will ever wear. 

EDC Leather & Tactical Gun Belts are 1.5″ wide or 1.75″ wide, 5 mm thick, and designed for IWB, OWB and Appendix carry situations. Belts come in regular and XL sizes to fit waist up to 54″. Check sizes when ordering.  The 1.75″ wide belts are not ideal for IWB or Appendix.  

Leather gun belts are constructed using 2 full-length pieces of Top Grain leather and designed to support loads up to a maximum of 4 lbs. (total weight). These belts are not designed to serve as tactical or duty belts, but rather EDC belts for work, play, dress, casual and a night out on the town.  

Kore nylon web tactical belts are stiffer and more rigid than our leather gun belts, and intended to support heavier loads and more gear. Constructed using Nylon Web outer layer (rated to 500 lbs.), Reinforced Power-Core Center™ and Super-Fiber inner liner for added strength and durability. Tactical belts are designed to support holstered firearms or gear up to a maximum of 8 lbs. (total weight). Tactical belts include one Velcro style Belt Keeper to keep the belt tip flush with your pants. 

The buckle above is my favorite and the one I tend to use the most. Honestly, most people won’t even see my belt buckle, but at least I know I’m fancy. With a traditional belt, you’ll have the part that goes through the belt hole and is visible in the front. This buckle gives the illusion of this happening, but of course nothing is going through the belt, as it has no holes. Remember, everything is adjusted with the use of the track, which is hidden on the other side.

What about their durability? Man, they hold up. These aren’t my first KORE belts, as I’ve had a few for years now. All of them, new and old, have never deformed under the daily weight of carrying a firearm. The buckles are solid as well, and I’ve never had a concern that anything would fail me.

Pricing varies based on your belt choices, but the leather belts (with buckle) run about $60 while the tactical belts run about $40 (without buckle). You can see the selection here.

I’ve had plenty of belts over the years that I’ve been carrying, and KORE continues to be a top favorite. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the belt that I’ve been using for the last 2 months.

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