CA Cops Shoot And Kill Woman Brandishing A Power Drill

In San Jose CA, police received a call about a distraught 19-year-old female who was threatening to kill her family with an “Uzi assault weapon”. When police arrived, they found the young woman outside with something that they believed to be a weapon.

Turns out, she was brandishing a power drill that had been spray painted black. Police told her to drop it but instead, she pointed it toward them. It was at this point that she was shot and killed by an officer.

My question is; who called in saying that she had an “Uzi assault weapon”? With a report like that, the police are sure to be on edge when responding to a call. But on the other end, how could the police have not seen that it wasn’t a firearm? I wasn’t there and I don’t know how far away they were from the young woman, but there are questions that definitely need to be answered.

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