CA Teacher, Who Is Also A Cop, Suspended For Legally Having Handgun In Classroom

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

“Only police and similarly trained individuals should be allowed to carry firearms.” That’s a standard argument of made members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. If they had their druthers, the only people in the US to be “allowed” to carry a gun would be members of the military, the national guard and law enforcement officers.

Last week, local police who received “a tip” visited the Rancho Cucamonga High School classroom of biology teacher Joseph Nguyen. There they found a handgun stored in a locked file cabinet.

In addition to his teaching gig, Nguyen is a reserve police officer and, as such, allowed to carry a firearm. While the state bans guns within 1000 feet of a school, it was perfectly legal for Nguyen to have a gun through a LEO exemption in the law.

The district, however, takes another view. They prefer to keep their teachers — no matter how well trained, qualified or authorized — disarmed. Only district security officers are allowed to carry firearms on campus. As Nguyen didn’t have permission from school administrators, he’s been suspended.

The noteworthy aspect to this is the reaction of students and parents.

Courtesy KTLA

They see a law enforcement officer with a firearm as a very good thing. One more potential responder right there on campus, ready to protect their kids should the worst happen.

Courtesy KTLA

From abc7.com . . .

“Everybody here has the same mindset. All these teachers should be armed to protect our children,” said parent James Marrs.

Supporter Ashley Biering said she and Nguyen are both survivors of the Route 91 mass shooting in Las Vegas. She took up a change.org petition, calling for Nguyen to be reinstated.

“The governor of Florida signed a bill to allow their teachers and any coaches — anybody that has to deal with a school zone – as long as they pass the psychological test and the background and take the training, they can get their CCW and carry on campus,” Biering explained.

Yes, well that’s Florida. Ms. Biering and her fellow parents live in the gun control nirvana that is California where they measure “safety” and legislative performance by the number of gun laws they enact each year.

One former student called on the district to allow Nguyen back in the classroom.

“He keeps his students engaged, he tells it like it is,” said Eric Yang. “He’s not afraid to treat you like an adult, even though a lot of adults don’t treat you like that.”

Here’s how KTLA reported on the situation.

Parent support or not, Nguyen likely isn’t long for continued employment by the district. Making an exception and allowing a teacher to carry a firearm — even someone who’s also a law enforcement officer — probably isn’t a precedent they’ll want to set.

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