Intended Victim Shot During Armed Robbery, But He Draws And Shoots Back


BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN — Two robberies in vicinity of the same apartment complex with two wildly varying results. In the first robbery, a man was held at gunpoint just outside the entranceway of the multi-story apartment complex. It was around 4 p.m. and the Michigan State Police say the man was lured outside where two suspects attempted to rob him.

When he failed to comply, WNDU 16 confirmed that one of the suspects shot him in the face. The bullet entered his cheek where it remains until he underwent surgery at a nearby hospital. However, he also produced a gun of his own and shot the robber in the face as well.

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“In the process of being robbed, the victim had withdrawn his own weapon and fired, in return striking one subject in the face area,” said Detective Jason Bailey of the Michigan State Police.

Both suspects fled but one was later apprehended with a gunshot wound to the face. He was taken to the hospital. The robber is expected to make a recovery and then be booked into the Berrien County jail house where he will await trial.

A second armed robbery case happened approximately six hours after the first. In this case, an unarmed man walking down the street met with a black minivan and three armed robbers. They got out, pinned him to the ground, and cleaned out his pockets. He allegedly lost $375.

Two armed robberies — two victims. Which one was able to fight back?

In this case, the man who was shot in the face could have just as easily died as fought back if that bullet had traveled slightly off track. He will still be awaiting surgery to get the bullet removed as there are a number of highly sensitive arteries in the pathway of the bullet.

He did manage to respond and defend his life. What are the chances that you can expect a bad guy who’s willing to shoot you to stop at just injury?

That’s why it’s important to always carry your concealed carry handgun. You never know when it will be the tool that saves your life.

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