Woman Negligently Shoots Herself After Hot Brass Goes Down Her Shirt

Always keep your muzzle pointed down range. I had this happen to a few female friends while at the range (not the shooting part, but the hot-brass-down-shirt part), and one I was actually able to capture on video. Here’s a screen shot from that day, but not from the actual incident:

ScreenHunter_496 Apr. 23 17.25

Calm down, guys.

Anyway, see that spot above her tank top just waiting for some hot brass? It’ll find it’s way in there eventually, and it’s never looked pleasant from the yells and screams I’ve heard.

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Recently, a woman shot herself after some hot brass found it’s way down her shirt while she was at the On Target Range and Tactical Training Center in Crystal Lake, Illinois. As she was trying to remove it, she apparently forgot that she had a gun in her hand. A bullet ultimately found it’s way into her leg as she struggled with the hot brass.

“Upon arrival, officers confirmed that a patron using the pistol range had suffered a leg injury when a hot, expended shell casing landed inside the shooter’s shirt, and in an effort to remove the casing, the shooter experienced an accidental discharge of the pistol, and the fired bullet struck the patron’s own thigh,” police said in a written release.

Luckily, she shot herself in the leg and not anywhere else that would have been worse. It’s obviously no good that she shot herself to begin with, but at least she can walk away from this one (eventually).

What’s the moral of this story? Wear clothing at the range that won’t allow hot brass to get all up in your business, and keep the dang firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times.

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