Man Slaps Away Neighbor’s Gun During Arguement, Goes To Hospital And Jail

REDDING, CA — A man who slapped away a firearm and ended up getting himself shot in the foot was first hospitalized, then jailed after the full story surrounding the conflict emerged, the Record Searchlight reports.

According to reports, Wiliam Head was shot in the foot after slapping away a firearm in a deadly confrontation that he himself started.

As the Record Searchlight reports:

The gun went off and William H. Head, 43, was shot in the foot just before 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, according to the Redding Police Department.

But Head was also arrested on the suspicion of stalking, assault with a deadly weapon and making a terrorist threat, said Cpl. Sam Llamas.

Earlier, Head physically assaulted his neighbor with a knife and the neighbor brought out a gun for protection.

While the two were arguing Head slapped away his neighbor’s gun. The gun fired and shot Head in the foot, said Llamas.”

So, you see, Head was not actually the good guy — just a very gutsy bad one.

Head was found not too far from the scene of the shooting — quite possibly with a limp. After he was found, he was taken to the hospital, and later put in jail.

Who knows what on earth the man said or did to qualify for the charge of “making terrorist threats,” but whatever it was, it was more than enough for the man holding the gun to have kept his distance, which brings us to our takeaway from this story.

Stay at a distance from attackers — that seems obvious, but on this occasion, that was a major factor in a life-and-death scenario.

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