Chicago lawmakers are set to vote on tight gun shop restrictions

The Chicago City Council is expected to vote in favor of some pretty tight restrictions on gun shops within city limits. Some of the requirements would include videotaping each transaction and also limiting the sale of firearms to one per person, per month.

The proposed laws came into existence after a court ruled in January that the ban on gun shops in the city is not valid.

Here are the restrictions that have been proposed:

  • videotaping of each transaction
  • limiting sale of firearms to one per person, per month
  • 72-hour waiting period to purchase handguns
  • 24-hour waiting period to purchase rifles and shotguns
  • required background checks on gun store employees
  • quarterly inventory audits
  • gun sales prohibited within 500 ft of a school

The question is and always has been: will legislation like this actually stop any crimes from being committed? The track record isn’t great so far. Not to mention that with these in place, opening a gun store in the city would prove to be very difficult.

H/T Reuters

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