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Man Dies After Defending Himself And Wife Against Armed Home Invader

POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA — A couple that were married for 53 years were sadly parted from one another after the man of the house had to use his gun to critically injure a home invader wielding a knife. He lost his own life in the struggle and accidentally shot his own wife in the ensuing fight.

It’s a case that can happen to anyone — and it’s a reminder of the odds we’re facing in a close quarters home invasion.

As 10 News – Tampa Bay reports, a 25-year-old broke into the couple’s house late at night and went straight to the bedroom with a knife. As the husband went to retrieve his handgun, his wife inadvertantly got stuck between the attacker and her spouse. By the time bullets left the chamber, she was struck once in the knee and a bullet grazed her foot. The attacker wasted no time taking the advantage. He moved into close quarters and it is believed a struggle ensued for control of the gun.

In the melee, the home invader was fatally shot but he also managed to turn the gun on the husband. The husband died at the scene and Ricardo Garcia Gomez died later at the hospital.

The wife was treated for her wounds and is expected to recover. She laments the loss of her husband but cherishes the memory of the time they had spent together.

“While I am so sad to have lost him, I feel so lucky to have had him for 53 years before yesterday,” she said.

The brutal reality of close quarters gunfighting shouldn’t be lost on any concealed carrier. The defense of our home, our family, and ourselves all comes into jeopardy once an attacker is within range to wrestle the gun from control.

Often in a dark lit environment, in the midst of so much commotion, it’s nearly impossible to ensure fire is directed according to plan. There are no plans once the fight breaks out — that’s why we train how we intend to fight in those situations.

Homeowners need also be cautioned about the security of their home. Where ever we bed for the night, that’s got to be treated like a fort. Doors and windows locked and ideally a security system in place all give us the moments we need to effectively mount a defense before police arrive.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family. May we ever be mindful that no attacker will ever lend us mercy in our time of need. It must be through firm dedication, conviction, and our ability to wield deadly force when needed that will help us persevere against such dark times.

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