Uber With Guns: New Rideshare Company Launches With Armed Drivers

Atlanta’s Kerry King Brown isn’t your average guy with a car. This private investigator and seasoned bodyguard, often flanking celebrities and politicians, always keeps a bulletproof vest at hand. His mantra: “security and safety at all times.” Now, he’s out to provide folks with the same sense of ‘executive protection.’

Why does the everyday person need such protection, you ask? Well, according to Brown, it’s the ordinary folks who are often the victims of crimes. This, he believes, makes his new venture a ‘necessary evil’.

Brown’s just-launched app, Black Wolf, is the embodiment of this philosophy. This innovative ridesharing service allows users to request a ride from a driver — who just so happens to be armed. Already downloaded 79,000 times since its launch, it’s clear that Brown’s approach is striking a chord.

Don’t fret, though. The firepower doesn’t come without responsibility. Brown assures that all drivers are legally armed and have professional backgrounds in military, law enforcement, or private security. They’re also all trained to manage potentially volatile situations, and de-escalation is their top priority.

“We’re not here to fight anybody, we’re not here to draw guns. Even though it says armed, we’re trained not to do that,” Brown assures.

Another novel feature? Drivers stick around after dropping you off. A ‘wait’ option on the app keeps the clock ticking, offering that extra layer of protection.

As for the pricing, it’s $60 for an armed driver or $50 for an unarmed one, followed by roughly $1.75 per mile. Customer Jackelyn Eckles didn’t hesitate to pay this premium. After being escorted home late at night from the airport, she advocates for the service, stating, “everyone deserves to feel safe.”

“I’m catering to people who value this, who take their safety seriously,” says Brown. While this security-first rideshare option is currently exclusive to Atlanta, its growth shows the potential for wider adoption.

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