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Kicked Out Of Hooters, Man Faces Armed Homeowner After Trying To Break In

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA — A 44-year-old man named Hugh McMenamin was arrested following a series of disruptive actions, culminating in an attempted home invasion. The incident began when McMenamin, after being turned away, forcefully tried to enter a residence by demolishing a 6-foot fence and attempting to kick in the front door.

In the process, he inadvertently dropped his mother’s debit card on the driveway and proceeded to try and break into a window, which led to the homeowner firing a warning shot.

Earlier in the evening, McMenamin had been involved in a disturbance at a local Hooters on Del Prado Boulevard South, where he refused to leave the premises. The investigation into his activities revealed significant property damage to the residence he attempted to break into. This included multiple fence panels, an entry gate, and other hardware, with the total damages estimated at around $3,000.

This guy has ‘winner’ written all over him.

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