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[VIDEO] Suspect Shot Through Windshield By Officer After He Finds Himself On Hood Of Car

COLUMBUS, OHIO — A police sergeant was injured and hospitalized in stable condition after an encounter with a woman driving a stolen car. The incident began with officers responding to a stolen car report, involving a blue 2015 Toyota Corolla. Despite initial efforts to stop her, the female driver, later identified as 32-year-old Holly Graham, evaded police.

The pursuit paused but resumed when Graham was spotted at a gas station. As officers attempted to contain her vehicle in a parking lot, Graham drove towards the sergeant, striking him. He clung to the car’s hood and fired shots through the windshield before falling off as the car sped away. Graham continued driving recklessly, hitting two other vehicles before being arrested.

She was hospitalized in serious condition and charged with felonious assault for injuring a police officer. The incident, captured on body camera footage, has been released by the Columbus Police Department.

Amazingly, Graham was only shot in the legs, and seems to have avoided a much worse outcome. As the old saying goes; If you play stupid games…

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