Multiple Amazon Trucks Stolen After Drivers Forced Out At Gunpoint


CLEVELAND, OHIO — Forget stealing packages off of front porches, because some criminals are looking for bigger scores. For example: An entire Amazon delivery truck. Or two. Possibly more.

Police in Cleveland said an Amazon driver was held at gunpoint last week. The delivery person was dropping off a package when he noticed a vehicle behind his van, WEWS reported.

He saw the same vehicle parked next to the delivery van when he made another stop. That’s when he said a man walked to the passenger’s side of the van, pointed a gun at him and then took the van.


Police would later find the van empty, and surveillance video gave them a glimpse of the people responsible.

It’s not the only one, however. Just a few hours prior, another Amazon driver had his truck stolen as well.

Luckily, the drivers were not hurt. Amazon says that it is doing what it can to make things right for the customers and are cooperating with police. There was no mention as to anything being done to make things safer for their drivers, such as ‘allowing’ them to carry firearms while on the job.

No one has been arrested in connection with these thefts.

There are some Amazon delivery drivers that carry firearms, of course. If they ever find themselves in a situation like this, they need to make a decision. That decision should always be based on their well-being and not based on possible losses for Amazon.

Sometimes, the best option is compliance. Let the bad guys take the truck and leave. It’s not worth a potential gun fight.

On the other hand, one never knows how far the bad guy is willing to go. Are they a killer? It’s likely that the target won’t know until its too late.

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