WATCH: Homeowner Shoots At 3 Armed Home Invaders Who Pretended To Be Police Officers


AUBURN, WASHINGTON — An early morning attempted break-in saw a homeowner defending their property by firing shots at three masked intruders who claimed to be from the Seattle police. The incident, which took place around 2 a.m. on Thursday at a residence on the 31000 block of 117 Place Southeast, led the Auburn Police Department (APD) to investigate based on reports of a non-injury shooting.

Security footage from the targeted home displayed three men, all donning masks and armed with pistols, approaching the house. The video reveals their attempt to force entry, with one shouting, “Seattle police.” Though the first two struggled to gain access, the third intruder eventually managed to kick the door open. This prompted the homeowner to retaliate by shooting at the invaders, causing them to flee.

While escaping, the trio allegedly shot back at the house and damaged some fencing. An anonymous neighboring resident recounted the harrowing experience of being awoken by the gunfire. A bullet even pierced his window.

Descriptions of the assailants have been provided based on the security video. One wore a grey ensemble with possible blue or black shoes. The second had on black attire, and the third was seen in brown pants coupled with a black top. All were masked, and a couple had gloves on.

The residents of the targeted home estimated over 20 shots fired towards their dwelling. They expressed relief that no injuries resulted but couldn’t help but think of the potential consequences had they not defended themselves.

A neighbor remarked on the sudden realization of vulnerability, noting the tangible impact on his household.

What’s particularly concerning for the APD is the intruders’ deceitful approach, pretending to be law enforcement officers. Kolby Crossley, the public information officer for Auburn police, emphasized the danger of this tactic, suggesting it aims to create a misleading sense of safety before committing the crime.

Currently, no further details about the suspects are available.

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