Man Receives Wrong Order At KFC, Gets Refund, Then Opens Fire

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — An unidentified truck driver, now suspect, opened fire at a KFC drive-thru after police say he was angry about receiving the wrong order.

The suspect placed the order and received the food, paying and leaving. He returned a short time later and said that the order was incorrect. He demanded a refund, which the cashier gave him.

You’d think that would be the end of this unreasonably upset patron, but it doesn’t end there. He then pulled out a gun and started firing at the business, breaking multiple windows.

No employees were injured.

This degenerate is unfortunately one of many that we will encounter during our lives, and proves once again that we need to be our own defenders. If the guy were outside shooting, like in this case, even if you’re armed it’s best to get cover and protect yourself.

If he comes inside, though, it’s a different story.

Stay safe.

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