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Austin Homeowner Kills Two Home Invaders, Wounds One (When You Cut Through the Narrative)


Did you see the news about a recent home invasion and shooting in Austin? Here’s the style in which it was reported:

There was a shooting at a local apartment. Two people died, still looking for a motive. Unfortunately, because a bill that just passed, we may not be able to punish the shooter.

Here’s what KXAN actually wrote:

Lawmakers passed nine gun-related laws during the 2019 Legislature. One law — House Bill 302 — prevents landlords at apartment complexes from being able to keep tenants or their guests from carrying a firearm.

This means that as long as the renters in this case possessed the guns legally, they cannot face consequences from their apartment complex for having the guns within their apartment.

That’s because the Second Amendment guarantees the right of the people in that apartment to defend themselves.

Here’s what actually happened if you read through the lines:

Random strangers violently broke into an apartment. The people who lived there defended themselves and stopped the threat. They used guns to save their lives.

Thank God it’s not against the law to use your guns to defend yourself, your family and the place where you live.

Our fight is against the narrative. Our fight for gun rights is not just staying alive and protecting our domains despite evil people who want to take our things and hurt us. It’s combating the mistruths and false narratives the other side constantly peddles.

The goal of the gun controllers and prohibitionists is definitely not to keep you safe, as claim when they use their bogus “gun safety” euphemism.

Their goal is to get rid of civilian-owned firearms.

Let me re-phrase that; their goal is to get rid of your firearms. They want to do that even if it means you are hurt or die because you can’t defend yourself or your family if you find yourself in a life-threatening situation.

They use narratives like the one above to further the idea that guns are bad because they hurt people.

Look! Two people were killed by a gun! How tragic!

When they talk about “gun violence” they often include examples like this one — stories where the bad guys got shot because they broke into someone’s residence. I’m pretty sure that’s really a story of gun safety in the face of violence.

Fight back with the truth. Tell people . . .

“I carry a gun because I care about life.”

“I have guns because I value my family’s safety and security.”

“My guns make your world safer.”

What’s your truth? How are you using it to combat the anti-gunners’ false narrative?

Rachel Malone is the Texas director of Gun Owners of America. 

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