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Home Invasion Turns Fatal: South Holly Street Shooting Deemed Justifiable, Man May Have Been Trying To Enter Wrong Home

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA — On August 26, 2023, around 2 a.m., CPD officers rushed to the 500 block of South Holly Street following a home invasion report, which escalated to a shots fired situation. Upon arrival, a deceased 20-year-old, Nicholas Anthony Donofrio, was discovered on the front porch. It’s believed that Donofrio, a resident of the same street, mistakenly approached the wrong house, persistently trying to gain entry.

During the intrusion, the female homeowner called 9-1-1, while the male homeowner retrieved a firearm. As Donofrio shattered the door’s window, trying to unlock it, the male homeowner shot him once in the upper torso. Subsequent investigation confirmed the homeowner legally owned the firearm for defense purposes.

Following discussions with the Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s Office, the shooting on South Holly Street has been classified as a justifiable homicide under the Protection of Persons and Property Act, based on comprehensive evidence including surveillance footage, audio recordings, and eyewitness accounts.

Therefore, no charges will be pursued against the homeowner, and his identity remains confidential.

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