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Woman Shoots Ex-Boyfriend In Head After He Strangled Her, Violated Protective Order

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — On Wednesday, a woman in Old Hickory, Nashville, reportedly defended herself by shooting her ex-boyfriend, alleging he strangled and threatened her. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, the woman, not presently facing any charges, reported the incident herself through a 911 call. The ex-boyfriend, now under treatment at Skyline Medical Center, incurred a severe head injury due to the gunshot.

The confrontation escalated from a dispute that began on Tuesday night, where the man allegedly assaulted her multiple times and restricted her from leaving. She purportedly resorted to using a firearm she had in her purse when he attacked her again.

Notably, this is not the first incident involving the pair; the man had a record of breaching a protective order in February, having previously appeared at the woman’s residence unannounced in the preceding August.

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