Armed Robber Gets Chased Through The Woods After Armed Landscaper Flips The Script


GIBSONIA, PENNSYLVANIA — A landscaper welding in an open-door garage was in for a surprise when an armed robber approached him and demanded he take him to the safe.  When the landscaper informed the armed robber there was no safe in the building, the robber switched to asking for the landscaper’s wallet.

You just know this armed robber must have thought to himself, “for sure there’s a safe in there and there will be SO much money in it if I can just hold this dude hostage for the combination.”

When it goes from “open up the safe” to “open up your wallet”, you know the expectations for this heist just plummeted.

Things only got worse after that.  The landscaper, realizing he was dealing with a bonafide moron, tactily agreed to pull his wallet out.  Instead of the wallet, however, he drew his own everyday carry pistol and fired a shot.

That’s where the robber hit the lottery.  Somehow, at an estimated distance of less than fifteen feet, the landscaper missed and the robber beat feet out of there.

Police arrived and sent out tracking K-9 units to pursue the suspect.  Somewhere in the woods, the K-9s lost the scent and the hunt was called off.  According to WTAE 4, police report that no one was injured but the employee was a little shaken by the incident.  Police are not pressing charges against the landscaper and seem to be in agreement that this was a lawful self-defense.

“Well I think it was just coincidental that he lawfully carried a firearm and just happened to have it on him this evening,” Northern Regional police Captain John Sicilia said to WTAE 4.

Obviously, in high tension situations, even people that are good at shooting guns may have a hard time hitting the target.  With a presumably loaded firearm pointed at you, it’s a race to see who can get off the first round.  The landscaper thankfully did — it’s just unfortunate he missed.  Fortunate for the armed robber, who escaped to rob another day, but definitely frightening for the landscaper.

This is also a great reminder that training with your everyday carry rig is imperative.  If it’s attached to your hip, focus on getting a good, smooth draw on target.  Speed will happen with practice.

Above all, it’s always good to see a concealed carrier able to stop a bad guy without getting injured.

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