Armed Resident Shot By His Own Gun After Intruder Wins Battle

JEFFERSON COUNTY, ALABAMA — A 26-year-old man was shot after an intruder broke into his home. The gun he was shot with was his own, which was taken by the intruder during a physical confrontation.

The victim told police that an unknown man came into his house and the two got into an argument, which quickly became a physical altercation. The victim had a firearm, which the intruder was able to gain control of.

The intruder, now armed, then shot the man and fled.

There is no word on the condition of the victim, nor the location of the suspect.

Having a firearm is great, if you’re able to maintain control over it. Letting the bad guy get too close is cause for concern, and can quickly create a ‘tables turned’ scenario, where you’re now struggling over possession of your firearm.

Maintain as much distance as possible and issue commands. If an intruder isn’t listening and closing in on you, that’s the time to make your decisions. When they’re right up in your space, close enough to touch, it’s too late in many cases.

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