Road Rage Incident Leads to Man Being Fatally Shot After He Follows Other Driver Home

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA – An afternoon road rage incident that led to a fight and a reported self-defense shooting left a man dead on Sunday, January 10th. According to police the incident began near 114th Street and Jenan Drive just after 1 p.m, with two men arguing and fighting.

One of the drivers left and drove to his apartment complex near Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Via Linda, and the other driver followed.  The two men fought in the parking lot and when one reached into his bag the other, in fear for his life, drew a gun and shot him.

The wounded man got into his vehicle and drove out of the complex before hitting another vehicle.  By this time police arrived on scene and administered first aid.  Fire department personnel arrived on scene to provide treatment and transportation to a local hospital, where the man was later pronounced dead.

The deceased was identified as Nathan Lindman, 42.  The other man was identified only as a 27-year-old. The incident is still under investigation, according to SPD Officer Kevin Watts.

Road rage incidents are nothing new or uncommon, and fortunately, most do not become physical altercations between the parties involved. However, for the apparent aggressor in this incident, he passed on two opportunities to end it after the initial altercation.  By leaving the original scene and following the other individual home, he showed intent to continue or escalate the confrontation and indeed did get into another physical altercation. 

His decision to reach into his bag proved to be not only a bad one, but also one of his last. The other man had no idea what was in the bag but given the proclivity to violence that had already been displayed by the aggressor, he was apparently justified in fearing the worst and using lethal force to defend himself.

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