Your Car Isn’t Worth Your Life: Armed Citizen Tracks Down Stolen Truck, Gets Into Shootout With Thief

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — A stolen truck recovery attempt in Texas led to a fatal shootout in a mall parking lot on Thursday. The truck owner tracked his stolen Ford, cornering two suspects in it. He instructed the male driver and female passenger to exit the vehicle to wait for police.

However, the male suspect drew a weapon, shooting the truck’s owner.

The owner returned fire, fatally shooting the suspect still inside the vehicle. The female passenger was critically injured in the crossfire. The truck’s owner, also injured, was stabilized in a nearby hospital.

Police Chief William McManus declared the incident as self-defense, while advising people to contact authorities rather than act independently.

As an armed citizen, we need to choose when is a proper time to not only draw and fire, but also what actions are smart. Going after your stolen vehicle, in my opinion, isn’t a smart move. This truck owner is lucky to be alive after being shot by the suspect, and could have easily been killed.

Choose your battles, and ask yourself; Is my life less valuable than my truck?

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