Why We Carry: Armed Man Forces Employee Into Building During Robbery


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — A North Side Whataburger in San Antonio experienced a robbery that left its employees in distress. Around 5:30 a.m., a ski-masked gunman approached a worker outside the restaurant, in the 2700 block of West Avenue, who was taking out the trash.

The assailant, who arrived in a silver car that was earlier seen circling the parking lot, forced the worker inside at gunpoint. As he entered, other employees sought cover, with one hiding in a restroom. The robber emptied the cash register and safe before fleeing in the same silver car.

Thankfully, no physical injuries were reported, but the traumatized employee who had been held at gunpoint was spotted tearfully sitting in her car.

Despite police efforts, the gunman remains at large.

Besides this article title’s “Why We Carry” point, it’s important to remember to be paying attention to your surroundings as much as possible, especially in situations such as taking out the trash at 5:30am. Those are opportune times for the bad guys, and they’ll take advantage when they find someone who isn’t paying attention.

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