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Murder-Suicide Plan Goes Wrong For Attacker When Victim Is Armed And Shoots Back

An attempted murder-suicide ended with two victims in the hospital fighting life-threatening injuries, and another person who died after shooting them. The latter person, police say, shot himself in the head.

The victims, a male and female, weren’t going down without a fight. At least one of them was armed and fired back at the attacker during the incident.

An investigation determined the home was occupied by four persons: a male victim, a female victim, the male victim’s mother, and an uninvolved family member living in a separate part of the home.
The male victim and female victim were involved in a domestic relationship; her ex-boyfriend, a male suspect who was armed with a handgun, approached the residence from the rear and forced entry through a sliding glass door, according to Politopoulos.

The male suspect then engaged the male and female victims, firing multiple shots at them, said Politopoulos. There was an exchange of gunfire, with the victim or victims firing shots at the suspect. Both victims and the suspect were incapacitated at the scene. The male victim’s mother, who was in a separate room, was alerted by the commotion and called 911.

The male and female victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds, Politopoulos said. The male suspect also suffered multiple gunshots wounds, including a gunshot wound to the head, said Politopoulos, adding that the gunshot wound to the head may have been self-inflicted in an effort to commit suicide.

Via DailyVoice.com

All three people involved were off-duty Westchester County correction officers. Police say that the male and female inside the home were a couple, and the attacker who entered the home was an ex-boyfriend of the female.

Investigators recovered several handguns from the scene.

We don’t know if the two people injured are going to survive their injuries, but we hope that they are able to pull through and make full recoveries.

Being armed at home is important, as we all know from reading these stories over the years. Had they not been armed, their lives could have easily ended that night.

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