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Dispute Turns Into Shootout After Intended Victim Produces Own Handgun

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – An argument ended with a man being shot and killed on Dec 2, according to Phoenix police.

A verbal altercation broke out between two men around 5:30pm, KSAZ reported.

One of the men, 45 year old Jorge Rodriguez confronted a man working in the area. This occurred in the 3000 block of East Kings Avenue near Bell Road and 32nd Street.

According to police, the two men began arguing and Rodriguez produced a firearm. That’s when the worker pulled out his own firearm and shot Rodriguez.

“The suspect took out his own handgun and shot the victim,” police said.

They say that the worker was defending himself when he shot Rodriguez.

He was not arrested at the scene. Authorities have not stated what the argument was about or who initiated the confrontation.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has determine if any charges will be filed. The case was still under investigation at the time of KSAZ’s report, and no immediate update is apparent.

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