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Gun Ban At University Of Michigan Campus Upheld By Court Of Appeals

The Michigan Court of Appeals has upheld the University of Michigan’s right to ban guns on campus, stating the university is a “sensitive place” where firearms should not be permitted.

The ruling, which may be appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, confirms a similar decision made in 2017, and comes from a lawsuit initiated by Joshua Wade, a gun rights advocate, in 2015. Wade argued that the university’s policy infringed on his Second Amendment rights, but the court asserted the policy’s aim is to safeguard the campus community.

Critics say the policy deprives students of their ability to defend themselves.

The ruling follows a tragic mass shooting at Michigan State University earlier this year, which reignited calls for stricter gun control laws. While Michigan lawmakers have passed a series of gun reform measures, they have not further restricted where firearms can be carried.

Currently, concealed carry is prohibited on school properties, including university campuses. Other public universities in Michigan, like Michigan State, also have similar policies prohibiting firearms on campus.

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